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New SunLogix Global Virginia Warehouse Offers Crucial Storage Capacity for Solar Energy Industry

SunLogix Global, a leading provider of logistics services exclusively to the solar energy industry, today announced it has acquired 500,000 square feet of warehousing space in Danville, VA. The warehouse provides additional space on the East Coast for Safe Harbor storage, long-term storage and short-term space to store solar power equipment in the event of project delays or other reasons.

“This warehouse will provide the solar energy industry with important access to long-term and short-term storage space,” said David DesVerney, Director of Business Development at SunLogix Global. “With today’s economic turmoil we believe it is important to provide the industry with easy-to-access storage in the event projects are temporarily halted or work slows down.”

“The warehouse also provides the industry with storage space to take advantage of Safe Harbor provisions for solar energy equipment,” he added.

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